Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animals

This collection of stories by Julian Norton is a delightful series of stories focusing on the animals and their owners that he encounters day to day as a vet in Yorkshire. The animals are not just common farm animals, as pets and their woes are included in the stories as well. Included in the collection are stories about a sheep who is having trouble lambing, and a tortoise who seems to have gone off their food following hibernation.

The stories mainly relate to common problems that the vet encounters during Spring time. Each story is about a different animal and begins with the vet telling the reader about the problem that the vet has been told about, and how he hopes to help the animal return to full health. However, the author also describes how the ailment came about, be it from something the animal has consumed or perhaps stood on. He tells the reader how he manages to get the animal well again, and the reasons why certain actions were taken. There are beautiful black and white illustrations included in the book, and the animals come alive for the reader through these illustrations.

While aimed at the young animal lover, this is a collection that anyone, adult or child, who like animals will thoroughly enjoy.

Book Cover - Adventures with a Yorkshire Vet: The Lucky Foal and Other Animal Tales
Publication Date
June 2023