All About Diversity

The newest addition to Usborne’s ‘All About…’ series is a compelling and upbeat examination of differences between people and how everyone learns, looks and acts differently. This book is illustrated with bright, simple pictures, which depict a variety of ages, skin tones, different abilities and cultures.

The fun and delightful illustrations aid the information-heavy and sometimes delicate subject matter, making it easy for children to comprehend. To assist young learners further, there is a very useful glossary in the back of the book which breaks down complex topics. This book encourages young readers to learn, interact and respond in a way that shows kindness and equality to everyone.

The ‘All About…’ series would be an incredible asset to any home or school library due to its way of making non-fiction accessible to all. A truly special book that is full to the brim with useful information for curious minds. All About Diversity covers topics ranging from clothing, cultural festivals to types of homes and families, there is plenty for young readers to explore and talk about as they discover what makes us all unique.

Book Cover - All About Diversity!
Publication Date
May 2021