All the Money in the World

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is known for well-crafted plots and emotionally realistic and relatable characters, and her latest novel is no different. All the Money in the World focuses on fifteen-year-old Penny and her struggle to remain true to herself following a life-changing event.

Penny lives in a small, damp flat, a modern-day tenement in a once grand house that has seen better days. Struggling to cope with the grind of consistent poverty, bullied at school because of her socio-economic status, Penny wishes for more. And that wish comes true when a new friendship and a huge sum of money suddenly enter her life. 

This is a timely story for readers of all ages, especially in a country facing an ongoing housing crisis, where the right to a home can no longer be taken for granted. Penny is a wonderful character, flawed and fallible but wonderfully empathetic, and inspiring in her resilience.

While there is a moral at the heart of the story – who you is what matters, not what you have or don’t have – the author never falls into the trap of preaching to her readers, offering instead and realistic and resonant account of what happens when a teenager’s dreams seem to come true. Compelling and extremely readable, this new story from an already accomplished author will stay with the reader long after the last page is read.

About the Author
Author Headshot - Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is a novelist, teacher and researcher at the University of Limerick where she's part of the creative writing team that delivers UL’s MA in Creative Writing and UL's New York Creative Writing Summer School. She is founder of UL’s Creative Writing Winter School for mid-career writers and the author of six novels including The Apple Tart of Hope and A Strange Kind of Brave. Her
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Book Cover - All the Money in the World
Publication Date
July 2021