Always Your Stepmum

This book follows the journey of a stepmum meeting her stepdaughter for the first time and the joys to be found in that special and unique bond. Presented as a simple story without much context from the perspective of the stepmum, allowing the reader to fill in the gaps themselves. We follow their relationship as it grows from strength to strength in this story full of hope and love.

The illustrations are cleverly presented as part of a family scrapbook and are often either in the style of photographs, or drawings created by the child in the story. Soft, engaging and full of colour, the illustrations are diverse and warm, with beautiful texture achieved in the hair and clothes of the characters in a way that is very pleasing to the eye.

What I enjoyed most about this story was its honesty. It admits that grown-ups don’t always have the answers and shows that they can feel anxious and awkward in new situations too. This book would be a lovely and reassuring read for a young child in a blended family, or for those with a fear of stepmums, given how they have been portrayed in fiction historically! A heartwarming story that shows familial love isn’t always strictly biological, and that stepmums can be wonderful caregivers too.

Book Cover – Always Your Stepmum
Publication Date
February 2024