Amari and the Night Brothers

Thirteen-year-old Amari Peters has a problem. Her brother Quinton is missing, and has been for months. While the police seem convinced that he was involved in something illegal, she believes something happened to him at his job (which he never speaks about). After months of silence, late one night she discovers a ticking briefcase in his closet that may lead her to the one place that can answer all of her questions – the mysterious Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. But can she find the answers she needs to save her brother in time?

Alston’s illustrations elevate the appeal of this book. Readers are introduced to both Amari and the concept of magic immediately on the cover page and this creates a sense of excitement and intrigue. Similarly, the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter build on the narrative and invite readers to explore the Bureau alongside Amari. The story is full of thrilling adventure and all things magical, ideal for fans of the Percy Jackson series. Alston raises some interesting points around prejudice and the damage that this can cause through the character of Amari. She is often underestimated by those around her but she does not let this define her path. The main messages from this story are to treat people with kindness and to always be proud of who you are. If you think you’re ready to join the Bureau then it’s time to complete your first trial: find this book!

Book Cover - Amari and the Night Brothers
Publication Date
January 2021
Age range