Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World

Discover the amazing stories and follow the nail-biting journeys of some of the world’s most heroic and extraordinary explorers, including Marco Polo, Magellan, Norgay and Hillary, Ellen MacArthur and Neil Armstrong.

Throughout history, explorers have set out to discover new territories by land, sea, air and space. Many of these brave pioneers have the tales of their thrilling adventures spotlighted in this sumptuously illustrated book by award-winning non-fiction author Anita Ganeri.

Featuring a mix of names familiar to all such as Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and Ernest Shackleton alongside some perhaps lesser-known travellers like Ibn Battuta, Mary Kingsley and Robert Peary, each explorer is given a two-page spread featuring easy to follow and informative facts about their lives and journeys. Full-colour illustrations and an all-important map of the treacherous voyages undertaken further enhance each tale, some of which ended in triumph and others in failure and tragedy.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, each explorer’s story is recounted with great attention to detail and a directness that makes this an easily digestible read for all ages. Coupled with the stunning illustrations by Michael Mullan and an overall beautiful book design, Amazing Expeditions is sure to be a treat for non-fiction lovers with a thirst for excitement and adventure.

Book Cover - Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World
Publication Date
March 2019