Amazing Women of the Middle East

From an Egyptian Pharaoh to a modern-day human rights lawyer, this book tells the lesser-known stories of twenty-five inspirational women from the Middle East. Detailing their lives and achievements through short yet informative biographies of each woman, Tarnowska shines a light on often forgotten or overlooked successes. While some may be recognisable, such as Nefertiti or Amal Clooney, others might be unfamiliar to a Western audience.

Whether it be the first female pilot in Oman, or the first female editor of a newspaper in Saudi Arabia, these women defied expectations to become champions of equality and defenders of human rights. There are mystics, queens, writers, painters, activists, engineers, actresses, and even an ice skater — showing that every dream is worth pursuing, no matter who you are or where you come from.

The book is colourful and eye-catching, and each biography is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated portrait of the amazing woman in question.

The glossary at the end also details some of the more complex words used throughout for less experienced readers, providing a valuable learning experience.

These stories amplify the voices and experiences of women and girls at a time when representation matters more than ever.

Book Cover - Amazing Women of the Middle East
Publication Date
October 2021