Animal Atlas

Do you know a child who loves learning about animals and is overcome with curiosity about the world around them? Send them on a fun, interactive tour of the continents with this relentlessly cute children’s pop-up atlas. They will meet a stunning array of animals and be gently introduced to the concepts of maps and geography.

The text is minimal but succinct. Continents are represented as simple maps with a selection of native land and sea animals interposed on top. The animals have been chosen carefully, including obvious choices that children would have been disappointed not to find as well as more obscure creatures that they will be delighted to meet. The illustrations are bright and inviting, with animals that are immediately recognisable as well as being anatomically plausible (even allowing for their adorably oversized eyes).

Not only does each spread include a gorgeous pop-up animal, there are also lift-the-flap elements on each page. The images behind these flaps, as well as the fun facts that are revealed, are the highlight of the book, and where we really see Arrhenius’s sense of humour shine (yes, of course we see the baboon’s red bottom, and oh my goodness, look at those adorable bear cubs …) The book itself is pleasingly large and as sturdy as a board book with interactive elements can be. A lovely gift that the right child will treasure.

Book Cover - Animal Atlas
Publication Date
May 2023