The Animal Lighthouse

Washed up on a Caribbean island as a baby, in a barrel of rum and treasure, Jim remembers nothing about his parents. He’s grown up with a colourful family of animals, from Oskar the learned old orangutan to Rafi the racoon with questionable hygiene habits, and Maximus the indignant millipede.

Jim’s job is to operate the magical lighthouse that both guides ships to safety and conceals the island from passing ships. But when a thief makes off with the lighthouse bulb filaments and the island is exposed, Jim spots a pirate ship heading their way, spelling danger and disruption of their peaceful way of life.

This lively adventure will entertain and inspire young imaginations. Full of action and eccentric animal characters, the writing is warm and the wit gentle. The dialogue dances along and the setting is detailed and inventive, though I occasionally found some descriptions a little hard to picture. The black and white illustrations help out with their clear, bold outlines, shading and visual humour. Jim is a brave and lovable hero and the story celebrates kindness in all its forms. Readers will enjoy escaping on this island adventure, and journeying with Jim as he finds out the truth about his parents and his past. 

The Animal Lighthouse - book cover
Publication Date
May 2022