An Anthology of Aesop's Fables: Unwitting Wisdom

Have you heard of the wolf who was too clever for his own good? The fox who tried to mask his disappointment with insults? Or the tortoise who ignored expert advice? This exquisitely presented collection is the perfect way to introduce children to Aesop’s timeless tales. Indeed, there is much for all of us learn from these twelve deceptively simple fables about animals and their very human vices.

Ward tells each story with remarkable efficiency. The language used is demanding but skilful, clearly communicating harsh truths without overly dwelling on the tragic fates of many of the unfortunate animals. She ignores the temptation to soften the tales in order to appeal to modern readers and their potential sensitivities, instead trusting that their ancient wisdom and whimsy have enduring appeal. However, while the lessons may be severe, the presentation of this collection could not be more inviting.

Ward’s illustrations are delightful and, thanks to the large size of the book and the space freed up by her efficient prose, they are also plentiful. Her animals are drawn true-to-life but with a painfully human glint in their eyes. Additionally, a huge amount of thought has gone into the layout of the book, from the clever use of font and formatting, to the use of borders, and even the whimsical art on the inside back-cover.

Perfect for bedtime reading or a classroom library.

Book Cover - An Anthology of Aesop's Fables: Unwitting Wisdom
Publication Date
May 2023