The Anthology of Irish Folk Tales

Ireland is a storied island, and that fact comes to life in this collection of tales and fables, rich in locality and colour. Gathered from an already popular series of folk tales, the stories are organised around the thirty-two counties, each injected with details and dimensions unique to those areas. Narratives range across St Patrick’s ministry in Ireland, headless horsemen, visits to the Phoenix Park to see the pope, a shoemaker in Carrick-on-Suir and the heroism of the Maggie of Maggie’s Leap in the Mourne mountains.

The stories are conversational in style and carry the tone of the tale-teller rather than the professional author – a fact that feels fitting and refreshing.

This book’s appeal will stretch far beyond the shores of Ireland, offering an insight into how orally transmitted tales can be spellbinding and illuminating of human nature. Irish readers will revel in discovering tales from their own neighbourhood, history from the areas in which they have grown up, and learning more about other parts of the land. The density and scope of the tales mean that some illustrations might have been a welcome addition, providing some needed breaks in the prose. Children will find these tales heartwarming and spine-tingling by turns, and the variety, scope and narrative range represented will make it a text that will be returned to again and again.

Book Cover - The Anthology of Irish Folk Tales
Publication Date
March 2020