April's Garden

April and her mamma have found themselves living in a new very big house. Although it’s filled with doors, there’s no company and April is the only child around, a haven but not a home.

April struggles in her new living circumstances. The neighbourhood ladies are nice and come with food and art supplies for April and her mamma. Using these gifts, April creates a colourful house of her own, with mamma and herself standing at the front door, as tall as the rainbow of flowers that surround them in her hand drawn garden. The colours from April’s drawing stand in contrast to the drab and muted surroundings that the mother and daughter have found themselves in. The illustrations are an effective mish mash of vibrant childlike drawings and vintage swirly patterned wallpapers.

As mamma saves their pennies for a new place of their own, the reader can appreciate the struggles that too many encounter as they are forced leave their homes, become displaced or experience homelessness. Though it may be portraying a difficult situation, this is a story of hope and resilience. The symbol of planting and growth and the time it takes for a little seedling to sprout, is a wonderful metaphor for hope. By the time mamma and April arrive in their very own home they have a windowsill full of colourful blooms.

About the Author
Photo - Isla McGuckin
Isla McGuckin is a dreamer and a writer and the proud mother of daughters. Endlessly optimistic, Isla believes that words have the power to open hearts, change minds and make the world a better place. Born and raised in urban Yorkshire, Isla now lives in a tiny house beside the seaside in Donegal.
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Book Cover - April's Garden
Publication Date
August 2023