Astro Girl

This is the perfect book if you want to introduce pre-school children to the wonder of space travel.

Little Astrid wants to be an astronaut and has always been fascinated by everything about space. Her father encourages her in a playful way. He swings her around to see if she would like to spin around the Earth. He throws her in the air to see if she could get used to near-zero gravity. She loves it all. As the story unfolds, we discover a delightful twist – her mother is an astronaut. The book concludes with some facts about space travel and a reference to five women who made history in space.

Author-illustrator Ken Wilson-Max has created an inclusive story featuring people of colour where the father is the main caregiver. The acrylic artwork is vibrant and fun. It introduces us to a cosy and welcoming family home with clever touches such as the Space Hoop cereals and a star-covered duvet. The book encourages children to dream big and reach for the stars.

Book Cover - Astro Girl
Publication Date
June 2019