What a great introduction to the world of physics! Using a style that is very infographic reminiscent, the vibrant and bold illustrations will capture the attention of any toddler and, I’m not ashamed to say, any adult! The text pops on the page, which makes the content really accessible, ideal for a book introducing a scientific topic.

There is real educational value in it, and Devolle’s use of fun words that are entertaining to read out loud, such as ‘quintillion’ and ‘BIG BANG’, make it a memorable read. The core concept of the book is that the microscopic world of atoms really does make up everything, both in and outside our world (including your dog). This comes across well from the gorgeous page design and relatable examples.

It’s perfectly pitched with just the right amount of information for young readers. There are opportunities for teachable moments, whilst being engaging enough to encourage young readers to explore the book themselves. A great book for children that illustrates what atoms are, how important they are and the absolute magic that is stardust

About the Author/Illustrator
Photo - John Devolle
John Devolle studied Fine Art at the University of Westminster and has since run an art gallery in East London, been a graphic designer / art director, and, since 2010, worked as an illustrator on numerous children’s books. John currently lives and works in Dublin.
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Book Cover - Atoms
Publication Date
July 2022
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