The Awesome Power of Sleep

At a time when teenagers lead busy lives both on and offline, and many are sleeping less than before, the award-winning teenage well-being expert Nicola Morgan looks at the all-important fundamentals of sleep for teens. Broken down into accessible chapters that balance science with practical advice, Morgan looks at the necessity of good sleep, especially for developing brains and the damage that a lack of sleep can do. By taking accessible information from studies, Morgan shows how the brain and sleep can be affected by a lack of sleep, diet and exercise.

Teenagers face a triple whammy of sleep changes that can make night time challenging but Morgan helps readers understand why these happen and explains strategies for dealing with issues such as falling and staying asleep, bad dreams and waking up. Plain English quizzes help readers evaluate their own sleep, as well as giving advice for what to note in a sleep diary. Building a better bedtime routine by reading and creating a quiet space as well as learning to identify negative influences such as screens, sounds and food choices, means teenagers are armed to make more informed choices, ensuring a contented and much more relaxing bedtime.

A clever non-fiction book that offers practical insights for parents, teachers and teenagers on the science of sleep and how to improve one’s mental and physical wellbeing by taking positive steps towards healthier sleep routine.

Book Cover - The Awesome Power of Sleep
Publication Date
January 2021