Bad Mermaids

Bad Mermaids is the first instalment in the new series by Sibéal Pounder, author of Witch Wars. In the city of Swirlyshell, things are not what they seem, as piranhas police the waves and Arabella Cod is fishnapped. Three protagonists share the spotlight throughout the story, though it is fair to say Steve the talking seahorse steals the show. From start to finish, Steve adds a wonderful level of humour to the story.

The chapters are of a manageable length for all readers, and the plentiful illustrations add a depth to the story. The illustrations are wonderfully detailed and also functional, supplying rich information about the text being read. Without overwhelming the reader, Pounder creates an entire world below the ocean, full of ‘drive-thru’ hairdressers’, popular restaurants like ‘Jawellas’ and even ‘shockey’, a mermaid’s favourite sport. Three young mermaids must work together to stop ‘the Swan’ from taking over Swirlyshell. The importance and power of team work is highlighted throughout the novel and is one of the pivotal themes. The importance of respecting the differences between mermaids is highlighted by the different districts the underwater city is made up of. This is a highly entertaining, easy to read page-turner, which ends abruptly on a cliff hanger. This series is sure to be a success with young readers.

About the Author
Headshot of Sibeal Pounder
Sibéal Pounder is the author of the bestselling Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series, as well as the World Book Day mash-up, Bad Mermaids meet the Witches. Before becoming a full time author, Sibéal worked as a writer and researcher for the Financial Times, with other writing credits including Vogue and Glamour online magazines. Beyond Platform 13, the sequel to Eva Ibbotson's classic The Secret of
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Book Cover - Bad Mermaids
Publication Date
June 2017