Bad Panda

How can you be bad when you are just so adorably fluffy and cute? Well, Lin intends to find out. She plans on being bad, very bad. An absolute rotter of a panda. But things don’t exactly go to plan in this genuinely funny and heartfelt book written by Swapna Haddow, author of Dave Pigeon.

As a young girl, Lin is told what to do, how to behave and how to look. And as a ‘reward’ she is sent away to the big zoo – away from the brother she loves, FaceLike-a-Bag-of-Potatoes, and their favourite game of whacking each other over the head with bamboo. So Lin figures if being good results in being sent to the zoo, then she is just going to have to be a grotter of a rotter of a snake of a panda to get sent home. Bad Panda is hilariously funny; I laughed out loud so often. The characters are great but it is the descriptions that really elevate this story. The book is highly illustrated throughout and Dempsey breaks up the story wonderfully with her comic strips. Like in all of her work, the characters and emotions portrayed through her illustrations are spot on. This book is just funny. The text is funny. The illustrations are funny. The characters are warm and funny. And the results are funny. A recommended read that I expect will soon be a series, as it is sure to be a hit.

About the Illustrator
Sheena Dempsey Headshot
Sheena Dempsey is a children's author and illustrator. She loves to draw animals, from dirty rats to mean cats and heroic pigeons. She has worked with various publishers in Ireland and the UK including Walker, Templar, Hachette, Little Island and Faber. She lives in Kent with her partner, Mick. @sheenadempsey
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Book Cover - Bad Panda
Publication Date
July 2021