Barbara Throws A Wobbler

Barbara the cat is having one of those bad days, although she refuses to admit it at first. It starts with a frustrating sock problem in the morning, followed by a tense lunch, thanks to the presence of a rather strange-looking pea on her plate. Despite her perplexed friends’ best efforts, her mood just gets worse and worse … until she throws a real wobbler.

Yes, a real wobbler, which hangs in the air, ‘gloopy and heavy, like an angry jelly.’ Intensely pink and overpowering, the wobbler keeps on growing until Barbara suddenly realises what she needs to do to control it. In the end, it turns out not to be such a bad day after all!

If you are all too familiar with the dramatic tantrum-throwing behaviour of a young child, then award-winning author and illustrator Nadia Shireen’s latest picturebook is the ideal book for you (and the tantrum-thrower too). The lavishly bright illustrations and charming animal characters in this engaging story about a cat who is in a stupendously bad mood, provide a humorous, yet sensitive approach to talking about tantrums and how to cope with them.

The witty asides by the author throughout the story and its illustrated guide to bad moods at the end, which includes the Grump and the Huff among others, is also sure to provoke plenty of laughter, delight and discussion.

Barbara Throws A Wobbler cover image
Publication Date
April 2021