Bathe the Cat

Granny is coming to visit, and Dad needs all hands on deck. Using alphabet letter tiles, he spells out his to-do list for all the family, but he hasn’t bargained on a mischievous cat! With the letters jumbled up to make new words, all of a sudden they are feeding the mat and scrubbing the fish! Dad is looking more and more flustered, but the kids are having a ball. Will Dad work out what’s going on before Granny arrives?

This book is a joyous celebration of family life in all its chaos and mess. A sense of joy and playfulness permeates the story and the vibrant illustrations. The story shows children that families come in all shapes and sizes (in this story, two dads are raising their little family together) and that the most important things are love and laughter.

Rhyming adds to the fun, making it a perfect story to read aloud. Younger children who are learning to read will love trying to work out the words that the cat is making from the alphabet tiles. The illustrations are colourful, bright and bold. I liked the subtle inclusion of African patterns on Dad’s shirt and Granny’s dress, which adds to the celebration of diversity that runs through the book. Children will love seeing what sort of mischief the happy baby is getting up to as the cleaning up gets crazier and crazier!

This picturebook is funny, warm-hearted and inclusive, and highly recommended.

Book Cover - Bathe the Cat
Publication Date
November 2021