The Bear who had Nothing to Wear

Readers follow Albie as he uses fashion in a bid to express himself. He experiments with different styles of dress that appeal to all genders or none. While one could accuse Albie of excessive consumer waste regarding his frequent clothing purchases, young readers will delight in studying some of Albie’s outlandish outfits and Willis offers redemption in the form of a charitable action towards the end of the story.

This is a very witty, engaging and colourful picturebook about a teddy bear’s search for his true identity. Very young children will understand Albie’s position as their own physical appearance and personalities often develop and change quite rapidly during their formative years. This strong-willed teddy bear is here to reassure readers that while there is a lot of trial and error in life, one ultimately becomes comfortable in one’s own skin or fur!

Jeanne Willis uses humorous and lively rhyme to present Albie’s journey of self-discovery, making it a memorable and fun tale to read aloud at home or school. Brian Fitzgerald’s illustrations perfectly complement Willis’ amusing text. His vibrant pictures effectively capture Albie’s changing mood through his facial expressions, clothes and surrounding environment.

This enticing picturebook is a thoroughly enjoyable tale with a subtle but important message regarding self-identity – you are your own unique brand.

About the Illustrator
Headshot of Brian Fitzgerald
Brian has worked continuously as an illustrator since graduating from NCAD in the early 80s. He has illustrated for newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal and for magazines, design studios, advertising, publishing and children’s picturebooks. As author and illustrator he received international recognition for his award-winning book Bounce Bounce.
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Book Cover - The Bear Who had Nothing to Wear
Publication Date
June 2023