Because of an Acorn

The cycle of nature is beautifully and imaginatively traced from an acorn to a tree, to a forest, and a lot more in between in this attractive information picturebook. The process is shown in clear images with a minimum of words, and readers will find reason to pause at each page and look closely at what has happened.

Preston-Gannon’s palette is muted, her greens and earthy shades of brown splendidly depict the forest habitat, and there are surprises as every so often a burst of brighter colour causes the eye to readjust.

Notes at the end provide adults with information about the ecosystem that they can transmit to their young charges, and there are suggestions for how we can all help to sustain our forests.

Good quality coated paper will ensure that Because of an Acorn endures, an important factor with books like these that may take much classroom and library use as well as home reading.

Book Cover - Because of an Acorn
Publication Date
August 2016