Best Friends Forever

This book is a lovely, funny and (at times) heartbreaking story. It tells the story of Lola and Evie, from Lola’s perspective. The two girls are commencing secondary school and have been best friends forever. They have grown up together, going to the same primary school and living very close to each other. With great anticipation, the two girls start in the new school and to Lola’s horror, they are not in the same class and, to make it even worse, Evie makes a new friend called Cleo.

Lisa Williamson perfectly describes those days of starting a new school – the excitement, the nerves and then the loneliness and upset when your best friend’s attention is shared. The story also covers Lola’s home life, with newly separated parents and the grief this is causing her. Combined with the perceived loss of her BFF, Lola begins to struggle emotionally.

I nearly read the book in one sitting, I found it so engaging. The language used was descriptive yet very readable. I could feel Lola’s emotion and found myself sympathising hugely with her character. Highly recommended for readers between 9–12 years, holding a particular appeal to young girls. In the book, Lola is 11 years of age, which is younger than Irish children would start secondary school, but this story would be a great read for those who are nearing the transition from primary to secondary education

Book Cover - Best Friends Forever
Publication Date
October 2023