Big Bad Dragon Club

Scorch, Grub and Fang are a gang of devious dragons who love nothing more than stomping through the woods being bad. They meet a host of different characters and take delight in interfering in their fun to cause mischief. However, things don’t go according to plan when their badness doesn’t cause the upset they had hoped for. Our story starts to take a turn as they slowly realise that maybe, they’re bad at being bad …

The dragons’ devious personalities and determination to spoil the fun will have younger readers giggling throughout, as the booming, larger than life illustrations pack a colourful punch. Beach uses clever rhyming and repetition throughout this story, making it ideal for children developing early literacy skills. There is careful placement of the text around the page, allowing space for the illustrations to have for maximum impact, with the dragons as the focal point of every page.  

A funny, light-hearted tale, younger readers will enjoy this tale of bad dragons turned good and the character development of the dragons as they realise the joy of being included with others.

Book Cover – Big Bad Dragon Club
Publication Date
March 2024
Age range