The Big Dreaming

Big Bear and Little Bear are getting ready for their hibernation, but this is Little Bear’s first long winter sleep. He is worried that he might run out of dreams and is anxious about what could happen then. So he sets off to look for more dreams, and along the way meets up with Squirrel, Rabbit, and Wolf, who share their dreams with him.

Rosen makes good use of repetition, emphasizing the important elements, as well as making the words flow. This repeating of phrases and words works well to help younger children engage with Little Bear’s adventure. The artwork from Egnéus is nicely balanced with the text on every page, with plenty of space for the words to flow from scene to scene and complements the story wonderfully. Many of the pictures are full of autumnal colours; Egnéus uses colour to convey the coldness of the snow, and the comfort of the bear’s den, which bring a cosy and comforting atmosphere to the story.

On the surface, this story of Little Bear and the animals he encounters is an engaging and entertaining one. The deeper message, about the fear of the unknown and finding your way through your anxieties, is handled in a low-key way. It is important, but it never overshadows or dominates the book. Whether your own dreaming is big or little The Big Dreaming is a perfect bedtime story book to snuggle up with.

Book Cover - The Big Dreaming
Publication Date
October 2023