The Black Flamingo

Growing up, Michael has always felt like he is never enough: not black enough, not Cypriot enough, not masculine enough, not gay enough and not able to be true to himself enough. As he embarks on his first year in university, these feelings of not belonging anywhere intensify, that is, until he meets Mzz Behaviour. In Drag Society, Michael is finally free to explore who he really is and who he is becoming, but will he have the nerve to finally show his true self at the Drag Society Glitter Ball and take flight as The Black Flamingo?

A captivating verse novel that follows Michael’s journey of self discovery from child to young man. Fiercely told, yet sensitively crafted and touching on issues of racism, family dynamics, homophobia, sexuality and gender identity, Dean Atta’s tale skillfully weaves a compelling coming-of-age story which is further enhanced by Anshika Khullar’s illustrations. Michael is an unforgettable protagonist whose nuanced struggles with identity throughout his life are believable and oftentimes raw, but always effortlessly captured; his eventual strength to trust in himself to blaze his own trail will ultimately capture any reader’s heart.

Perfect for Sarah Crossan fans, this is an unmissable début you will be unable to put down. Dean Atta is a unique new voice and certainly a writer on the rise.

Book Cover - The Black Flamingo
Publication Date
August 2019