Blood for Blood

The second, and final, part of Yael’s story follows directly on from Wolf by Wolf, which you need to read first – and should, if this sounds up your street. The Second World War is over and the Nazis have won. In the first book, seventeen-year-old Yael, who has uncanny shape-shifting abilities after being subject to experiments in a Nazi concentration camp, disguised herself to join an epic motorbike race from Berlin to Tokyo in order to get a chance to assassinate Hitler.

The race is over, but the struggle continues. Forming an uncomfortable partnership with former Nazi poster-boy racer, Luka, and Felix, a motorbike mechanic trying to save his family, Yael must get back to Berlin, hunted and manipulated along the way by a vengeful Nazi SS officer. On a harrowing journey, she discovers more about the programme that created her. There are other Nazi shape-changers, and unlike her, they are loyal soldiers of the Third Reich.

Without the constant forward motion of the race, this story is more complex and wanders wider, but Graudin still forces the strands of plot to keep to the path, weaving two opposing conspiracies into each other. The characters are as well-rounded and conflicted as in the first book, the setting is skilfully realised and the action maintains suspense and a steady pace that will keep readers gripped. A thoroughly engaging read for 10-12 or 12+.

Book Cover - Blood for Blood
Publication Date
October 2016