The Blue Giant

I am conflicted with this review. On the one hand I dislike overly moralistic or ‘message’ books. Which is book certainly is. On the other hand the message, that we are polluting the earth and only if we work together and work hard can we fix it, is simply not sinking in to society. So maybe we do need to be hit over the head, repeatedly, for the message to start getting through.

The illustrations are gorgeous though. The ocean blue and wildlife colours really pop on each page. They show how beautiful this earth and ocean can be. Cottle also does a lovely job with scale; it works to show our place in the world and the impact if we work together.

This is a picturebook that should be read and is worth reading. However, beyond the message, I am unsure kids and families will return to the book again and again. Suggested for kids aged 0-4.

Book Cover - The Blue Giant
Publication Date
August 2020
Age range