This Book is Cruelty Free

This is the book we all need right now.

Today’s rapidly changing world can sometimes seem overwhelming, between climate change and the pandemic, we might often feel we have little control over our surroundings, and our futures. This book offers a glimmer of hope. Think of it as a manifesto. Inside, readers can learn about pursuing a cruelty-free and environmentally conscious existence.

There are many ways young people can make a difference. Newbery suggests a good way to start is to buy waste-free products — like shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant — and to make sure these products are not tested on animals. (She even provides information on how to research and find brands that are cruelty-free and/or vegan.) This idea of the conscious consumer goes beyond purchasing toiletry products. Newbury looks at the clothing industry too, and encourages the reader to consider vegan alternatives, such as vegan leather!

Newbery also challenges the reader to not only be introspective, but to look outward and question how one might make a difference in their surrounding world.

From adopting dogs and cats (#adoptdontshop), to respecting the vital role insects play in sustaining our environment, from the humble earthworm to the busy bee, Newbury raises questions about the value of non-human lives, our right to control them (or kill them), and our responsibility to look after them.

This is the perfect book for eco-warriors, climate-change activists, and animal lovers alike. For anyone who has ever asked “how can I make a difference?”, this book is for you.

Book Cover - This Book is Cruelty Free
Publication Date
July 2021