The Book Family Robinson

The Book Family Robinson tells the story of the bookish Robinson family. Their love of literature goes all the way down to Baby Charlie, who rereads his favourite board book constantly. When they decide to go on a sailing holiday, they make sure to pack up their library to bring with them.

Then disaster strikes, and they are shipwrecked on an island. Thanks to some of their favourite texts, they can get by; building a treehouse, finding edible food, lighting a fire and digging a toilet. Their exciting encounter with a group of pirates proves both the necessity and joy of reading at all ages and across all interests.

Perfect for any eagle-eyed readers who love sea and pirates themes. The brightly coloured illustrations are full of hidden details for extra fun and enjoyment. This is the kind of book where you continually pour over the pages with your little reader to revisit your favourite moments and pick out new ones. It’s detailed, smart and funny as well as beautifully illustrated.

Book cover - The Book Family Robinson
Publication Date
March 2022