The Boole Sisters

The story of the Boole sisters is told creatively from start to finish in this instalment of the In a Nutshell series. A delight for young readers, the lives of the four daughters of the famous George Boole are brought vividly to life.

The historical evidence and facts of their influential lives are intertwined with conjecture and imagined conversations. This adds a somewhat fictitious element to accounts of their intimate lives, which personifies the history but firmly places the book into the ‘creative non-fiction’ category. Children who may find it hard to relate to or understand people in the past may find this dialogue- and anecdote-packed book a welcome addition to their personal library.

The achievements of the four women are represented and retold with vibrant language which paints a brilliant picture for the reader. Though their lives were full of achievements, the girls had their fair share of hardships. Those are honestly and carefully discussed, and though they may have been extreme, the author very respectfully summarises them, while remaining mindful of the age of the intended audience.

The time in which the sisters lived is explained to the reader to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of just how important their achievements were. At a time when the Suffragette movement was still battling for the vote for women in Ireland, these women succeeded and achieved huge amounts.

Book Cover - The Boole Sisters
Publication Date
October 2017