The Boy Who Fell From The Sky

Living up to a parent’s expectations is tricky for any kid, but living up to a parent who is the best at their job is almost impossible, when you are different. Zed’s Dad is the best of the Demon Hunters and Zed always thought he wanted to follow in his footsteps. But when a new demon falls from the sky, Zed begins to uncover secrets that change his entire world and what he thought he knew or wanted.

The reader, much like the demons, fall into a world that is so clearly crafted and considered, yet leaves so much to the imagination. Somehow the mythical and yet high-tech world that includes the existence of demons and hunters, slots easily with life’s everyday struggles as a twelve-year-old boy. The skill of leaving the reader the space to imagine the Demon Spark’s world with the small amount of information we are given, leaves the reader intrigued and frankly wishing for another book!

Dealing with subjects like bullying, family and being true to yourself, there is most certainly a lot to learn from Zed and his new found friends. An exhilarating and heartwarming out of this world story, Zed is an ordinary boy doing extraordinary things and learning about who he wants to become on that journey.

Book Cover - The Boy Who Fell From the Sky
Publication Date
January 2024