The Boy Who Met a Whale

Calling all brave adventurers for a thrilling search for treasure in The Boy Who Met a Whale. Farook takes us on a journey to the island of Serendib where Razi, Shifa and Zheng must use their skills, brains and courage to follow a treasure map so they can rescue a hidden treasure. There is a lot of excitement along the way as they sail through a sea of monsters and race against the evil Marco and Cook, who want the treasure for themselves. They must learn to work together, to trust the sea and to respect the ocean creatures in order to succeed on their mission.

The marine world is a powerful force, full of wonder and mystery, and this story is perfect for readers who are ready for an adventure at sea. Farook creates beautiful imagery that captures the magnificence of the ocean and the life within it. Young readers are sure to be enchanted by images of a leatherback turtle gently paddling through the water, of bright colourful coral reefs and of a jumping blue whale with clusters of barnacles covering its underbelly.

The most important lesson the children learn on their adventure is the importance of family and their ability to make new family and friends wherever they go. Treasure maps, sea monsters and friends, it’s the perfect read for young adventurers.

Book Cover - The Boy Who Met a Whale
Publication Date
April 2021