Brand New Boy

The students at the Darwin Avenue Primary Academy are excited to welcome the brand-new boy, George, in Mr Sage’s class. George, however, appears to be a tad different – he has a strange look in his eyes and always has adults watching over him. Particularly Miss Crystal, who is constantly observing and making notes. Why is Miss Crystal spying on him? Maxie likes to believe that all kids are aliens – is George one of them?

George finds a new lease of life, making friends with fellow classmates Daniel, Maxie, Louise and Billy, who go out of their way to help him taste life away from the controlling hands of adults. Almond traverses childhood innocence and wonder as the kids get to know their new classmate. A boy needs to run free and explore the wilderness – the little joys of youth. However, we find out that George is no ordinary boy. Will the ordinary experiences of boyhood work for him or will they become a problem?

Marta Altés’s illustrations add life to the book and combine with the captivating story, sparking our curiosity about George’s identity, to make for a complete immersive experience. Within this seemingly simple tale, Almond brings together the age-long debate of nature versus technology and how important love, support and emotions are in the lives of children. The lesson to learn here is that kids need to get out of the box and live life.

Book Cover - Brand New Boy
Publication Date
November 2020