Charlotte is a student at a prestigious boarding school who has recently lost her two best friends in tragic circumstances. Pushed hard by her driven mother to succeed and excel, Charlotte feels ordinary and very much the outsider in comparison to the academic and sporting elite she is forced to compete against each day. When she drinks a mysterious vial, everything changes and suddenly Charlotte finds that she has become as flawless as those around her. However, this is to come at a great cost.

As Charlotte investigates what really happened to her friends, she uncovers a dark conspiracy which seems to lead to the mysterious medical centre where her mother works. This is also linked to the disturbingly exceptional academic achievements of her school. The truth, which she strives to reveal, is more horrible than she could ever imagine.

This book develops into a supernatural horror which many will find gripping due to the mystery and suspense the author carefully builds from the beginning. However, there are some aspects of the book which some may find disturbing, one of which is the way the issue of suicide is handled. Making links between suicide and bravery in a young adult book is irresponsible if not dangerous. As intriguing as the story is, this reviewer does not feel he is in a position to recommend this book because of how this very sensitive subject is treated.

Book Cover - Breaking
Publication Date
August 2017