Brunt Boggart: A Tapestry of Tales

This wonderfully weird and fantastical novel reads like a collection of whimsical fairy tales yet also has an overarching plot that binds the short stories together. Reminiscent of Holly Black and Neil Gaiman’s engrossing settings, David Greygoose’s book brings the reader on a magical journey as Greychild, the main character, searches for his mother. Each character of each tale jumps to life off the page as they weave their own stories.

Some tales are sinister with ambiguous endings and others are light hearted, yet they all enchant and delight in different ways. The endings of some of the stories leave the reader guessing and making up our own minds as to what it might mean.

Like in many fantasy epics, Greychild embarks on a dangerous quest as he attempts to find out more about himself and where he has come from. This book feels like it is slow paced, and the main plot feels a little dull at times, but each story glides into the next and the reader is pulled along with it. The world of Brunt Boggart is beautifully wrought and seems almost real. You will certainly believe the land of the fairies exists after reading this book! This comes highly recommended for advanced fantasy readers who are up for a challenge. 

Book Cover - Brunt Boggart
Publication Date
September 2018
Age range