Built By Animals: Meet The Creatures Who Inspire Our Homes And Cities

If you enjoyed the Blue Peter Award shortlisted Invented by Animals you will love its sequel about the animals who inspire our homes and cities. This time author Christiane Dorion has teamed up with illustrator Yeji Yun to produce a colourful, witty and fact-filled book that informs and entertains. It teaches in a gentle way and makes the information easy to absorb.

You will learn about some of the best architects, designers and builders of the animal and plant world. Meet the diabolical ironclad beetle (yes that is its name!) that has a shell that can withstand being run over by a car. Its construction has inspired research into how to strengthen buildings and planes. Children will be amazed at the skill and artistry of animals. The bland, white-spotted puffer fish creates intricate symmetrical artwork at the bottom of the sea using only two little fins, decorating it with shells to attract a mate. Not a compass or ruler in sight!

Yeji Yun’s illustrations bring the text to life and each double-page spread is devoted to one animal, plant or skill. A large, amusingly attired animal features on most pages and tells us about its unique adaptation. STEM subjects are approached in a fun way. Young children will enjoy poring over the funny animal drawings and older children will be drawn to the fascinating facts. Children can test their newly acquired knowledge with the fun matching game at the end of the book. 

Book cover - Built by Animals
Publication Date
April 2022