Bunnies in a Sleigh

Christmas goes absolutely bonkers in this third instalment in the Bunnies series. The elves have eaten too much sugar and have a tummy ache, so the bunnies hop on board the sleigh to help Santa with his deliveries. Of course, the bunnies cause even more havoc and hilarity as Santa tries to complete his deliveries – they get stuck in chimneys, stuck in snow, stuffed in stockings – the mayhem is seemingly unending!

This fast-paced story is told in bouncy rhyme with a repeating refrain which is brilliant for little ones to join in with. It’s great fun to read aloud, with plenty of opportunity to add drama! So much of the action in this story is told through the energetic illustrations. Each page is packed with chaotic bunny antics which will have you poring over the pages long after you’ve read the text, trying to spot all the silly things they’re doing and somehow there always seems to be something new to spot. The bunnies are bursting with personality and their expressions are brilliantly comical.

Embrace the chaos – this crazy Christmas caper will have you laughing out loud and coming back for more. It’s sure to be a hit with younger readers in the lead up to Christmas, and is perfect for reading, and sharing a giggle, together.

Book Cover - Bunnies in A Sleigh
Publication Date
October 2023