Butterfly Wings

With its difficult subject matter but hopeful resolution, as well as gorgeous illustrations, Butterfly Wings is an important read for both parents and children.

Ten-year-old Florent is energetic and sensitive, and like most kids he likes to play outdoors with his friends. One night he overhears his moms talking about how they want to have another baby, but fear it would be irresponsible in a world undergoing a climate crisis. Florent’s ensuing anxiety as he wonders whether the planet will survive, and whether the climate crisis is his fault, raises questions many young readers might also have.

The language is engaging and easy to follow, full of environmental and animal imagery. The dreamy illustrations perfectly convey the mindset of a child suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Younger readers may recognise the feelings evoked by pictures of Florent tied up and engulfed in darkness, or dissolving into the smoke of a forest fire. The story gives an empathetic look into Florent’s depression and ultimately how his moms help him overcome it.

Butterfly Wings is an empowering book with positive LGBTQ+ representation that deftly addresses climate anxiety. It inspires young readers to do what they can to improve the world, starting with joining their school’s science club. It also offers parents ideas for talking to their children about the climate crisis. It addresses the despair that people of all ages can feel, but it encourages readers to be hopeful, ending with the message that anyone can make the world better.

Cover - Butterfly Wings
Publication Date
September 2023