Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain

Cactus Kid is honing his skills in magic, to become the greatest wizard of all time! Missing one essential ingredient to supercharge his powers, he speeds off on a motorbike quest through the desert in search of a piece of star rock, and to prove himself to his family once and for all.

Readers will be swiftly drawn in on his journey of adventure and self-discovery in this super fun and action-packed graphic novel brimming with dynamic illustration and engaging text. The language used will make readers feel like they are part of this top secret mission from the word go. Full of vibrant, motorbike-riding characters that Cactus Kid meets along the way, with warring gangs, humorous magical mishaps, a chaotic bike race and an ominous and a Stetson-wearing lizard hot on Cactus Kid’s heels. This rip-roaring adventure explores the concepts of feeling the need to prove ourselves, and striving to become a hero; how we don’t need to do it all alone, and what we can become capable of when we work as a team.

The illustration is delivered in a strong, attractive palette including deep oranges, reds, pinks, purples, greens and yellows, a dynamic layout, and plenty of illustrated onomatopoeia used to add to the overall sense of energy. All of these factors serve to create a vivid world that really jumps off the page and creates an immersive reading experience. The first book in a new series by this author-illustrator, Cactus Kid is bound to capture the imagination of many readers

Book Cover – Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain
Publication Date
March 2024