Cake! is a story about right and wrong … and cake, of course! The mystery of who ate Bunny’s birthday cake is the loveliest whodunit you will read all year. And though everyone learns a valuable lesson, this is a morality tale that does not moralize. There are no tiresome speeches, or predictable consequences. Instead, friends make amends for their mistakes naturally, not because they were told off and feel guilty, but because they care for each other and want to make one another happy.

The illustrations are incredibly vivid: Gil makes minimal use of black, opting instead to create shadows and outlines by overlapping colours, giving everything a sense of vibrancy. The cakes look so tasty that you will want to eat them right off the page! Overlapping layers of colour add to this – pink tiger stripes turn orange when they are on a yellow background, and these unusual shifting tones make the pages look kaleidoscopic.

This is a great way for children to learn about owning up to their mistakes and setting them right. It is a simple, sweet, and silly story that you will return to again and again.

Book Cover - Cake!
Publication Date
June 2023