Can We Talk About Consent?

Consent has been a hot topic for a number of years now, often highlighted as an issue missing from school curriculums. This illustrated book aims to tackle the topic for young people in an easy-to- understand way, mixing humour and serious subject matter in short and witty digestible chunks.

Can We Talk About Consent? offers a step-by-step guide on how to understand consent when making choices. It also teaches you techniques for saying and understanding ‘no’ and how to relate to and understand other people’s experiences.

The beautiful illustrations are seamlessly interwoven with the text to help bring the concepts to life, often depicting the scenarios and providing light relief. While the book explains key terms like ‘agency’, ‘consent’ and ‘self-care’ throughout, it also contains a handy glossary for reference. The activity section at the end helps you to practise what you’ve learned, and additional resources are listed for support. Not only suitable for older children and teenagers to read alone, the book would make a great resource for parents or teachers who want support in educating young people about consent.

Book Cover - Can We Talk About Consent?
Publication Date
February 2021