Can You See a Little Bear?

This is a look-and-find book with a difference. Jackie Morris’s gorgeous watercolours will draw children into a world that is dreamlike and magical – a sumptuous place of fantasy, rich in detail and colour. There is so much to explore on every opening – exotic people and animals, musical instruments, modes of transport, clothes, colours, textures, landscapes and the overall beckoning attraction of the world of the circus.

Little Bear is somewhere in every opening. Never lost, he enjoys huge freedom to examine and explore his world. Mayhew’s gentle rhyming text provides little clues as to where he might be found. Children will have great language enrichment as they learn the names of the animals, experience the lists of opposites on each page, discuss the huge variety of characters that stride across each spread. People and animals alike are depicted with dignity and serenity. No face shows stress or tension: difference is not just tolerated in this world – it is embraced. A bird sings in a cage that has an open door and is frequently shown outside the cage; the three blind mice are in no danger from any carving knife. This is a safe and welcoming world. And we get ‘home’ just in time for tea, a bath and the cosiness of being tucked up in bed.

This book will captivate children and adults alike.

Book Cover - Can You See a Little Bear?
Publication Date
July 2018