Can You Share, Little Whale?

Little Whale wants it all! She pleads with her mum to lead the pod, but her friend Blue is already there spinning around merrily. Little Whale is not impressed and huffs that it’s not fair! Little Whale’s mum encourages the pair to share When a gannet swoops down and takes the shiny fish that Little Whale had her eye on, again she is agitated by the unfairness. Little Whale is having a difficult time accepting that sometimes you can’t have everything that you want all to yourself.

When Blue finds a snack for Little Whale to share with her, Blue is touched by the gesture and wants to return the favour. She swims down to the gorgeously vibrant coral reef. The coral reef is where Blue learns the true meaning of sharing. All the happy creatures survive down there because of their willingness to share and co-exist. Little Whale discovers that sharing is a great way to show that you care and that there is enough food, fun and even love to go around.

The illustrations in this story are incredibly atmospheric. As you read, it feels vividly like swimming in the deep blue ocean with Little Whale. It’s a stunning depiction of a natural habitat that we humans could learn a thing or two from.

Book Cover - Can you share, Little Whale?
Publication Date
June 2023