Castle Rock Mystery Crew: The Jase Files

A really well-illustrated, fast-paced and solidly entertaining classic ‘whodunnit’. When lonely, shy, ten-year-old Jase is treated to a caravan holiday in Castle Rock by his irreverent Auntie Nicki, he heads off on the trip along with his dog, Sherlock and his Nana, Rose, who suffers from Dementia. Jase fights his shyness and makes friends with Harri, Kinga and Tyrone, who ultimately all become the Castle Rock Mystery Crew. Why? Things go missing, from diamond earrings, to garden gnomes, and it looks like the children are getting the blame!

Jase is determined not to let that happen and using all the detective tricks of the trade his ex-detective Nan has told him, gets his crew on the case and the mystery gains its momentum from there. 

What lifts this tale out of the ordinary, is the way it takes on Dementia and how families live alongside it, in a sensitive and relatable manner. Jase’s relationship with his Nana is beautifully portrayed and how much her family values her is never understated. She is pivotal in the crew’s ability to solve the mystery and a real achievement of the book is encouraging us  to try and understand, from both sides, the impact Dementia has for all involved. 

The story also shows how close friendships can be formed even for those that struggle with it. Jase’s friends are a brilliant, funny, brave, tight unit and it’s so cool to see them take on the caravan park bullies, and totally own them! 

Overall, a great read that won’t let you down.

Book Cover - Castle Rock Mystery Crew
Publication Date
May 2023
Age range