Catch Your Death

The setting for this twisty whodunnit is classic Agatha Christie; a locked room, murder in a mega mansion somewhere in England and home to the chilliest of rich families, the Vanfortes. We even have a blizzard, so no one can leave for the night in question. It’s rather as if the boardgame Cluedo came to life, all secret passageways and vanishing murder weapons.

Here begin the accounts of three teenage girls on the events leading up to the murder. But nothing’s as it seems, and as we learn more about the characters, and start to care about them, we wonder who, really, we should root for. And this is the genius of the book – the way in which the story can unsettle and surprise us, just when we think we know where it’s going.

The different points of view add to the mystery. When we want to hear a character’s account, the author withholds it, while shorter entries make us want to race to the end. At times, readers may need to check who’s talking, but rifling back and forth through the book for something we might have missed is enjoyable too, but trickier perhaps on e-readers.

Guron touches on issues such as the responsibilities of power, whether revenge is ever justified, and unconscious bias. While one or two characters are a little like those Cluedo pieces (one-note), and it would have been satisfying to see more depth there, this is still a brilliantly plotted page-turner.

Book Cover - Catch Your Death
Publication Date
December 2023
Age range