Travel the world with this fascinating gift book featuring fifty of the most exciting and spectacular festivals from many different countries and cultures.

Starting with worldwide festivals familiar to all, such as Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali and Chinese New Year, Celebrate! then takes the reader on a journey across the globe, continent by continent, highlighting some of their most interesting, colourful and inspiring celebrations. Learn about Spain’s Festival of Near-Death Experiences, the Great Ethiopian Run and Waitangi Day in New Zealand and several more annual festivals that are unique and important to their countries and people.

The fifty festivals highlighted in Celebrate! are all given equal prominence with a two-page spread of facts and history delivered in bite-sized portions of text, allowing the reader to absorb the information easily and eagerly. The words are matched by the wonderful illustrations that capture the life and colour of each festival and help draw the eye to the words as we learn more about the stories behind them, bringing us right into the heart of each celebration.

This all combines to make a book that is perfect for either dipping in and out of at random, or for gobbling down one story after another, with each of the fifty festivals featured proving as interesting and unique as the next. The text is relayed with an ease and style that encourages us to keep reading about these wonderful occasions that bring people together to celebrate and enjoy life and each other.

Book Cover - Celebrate!
Publication Date
October 2023