Cinder & Ella

Cinder, despite her difficult homelife with her stepmother and brothers, dreams of Princess Ella, while Ella’s family seek to find her a husband and prince. Does Ella want a prince? Will Cinder and Ella have the chance to meet and fall in love? A beautiful story accompanied by eye-catching illustrations that delivers a joyous celebration of the fairytale Cinderella and of LGBTQ+ love and lives

This story is filled with the magic of fairytales we know and love, with the great addition and inclusion of the kinds of love many adults didn't get to see in the fairytales of their own childhoods. This book brings both the nostalgia of fairytales that young people know and love, mixed with some learnings about difference, acceptance and community.

Featuring exquisite illustrations full of colour and magic with multiple illustration spreads on each page, this story is a feast for both the eyes and the mind. The perfect book to begin teaching young people about all the different kinds of love and experiences in the world and to show them that all types of love and identity can be celebrated by friends and family through the joy that fairytales always bring!

A book full of delight for a range of ages, with something particularly special for young people in LGBTQ+ families, or for those who are on a journey of discovery about their own identities.

Book Cover - Cinder & Ella
Publication Date
June 2023