Clean is a hard hitting, fierce novel about drug addiction, mental health and figuring out how to stand on your own two feet. Lexi is a high-flying socialite in London, but her whole world comes crashing down after she overdoses and has to be rescued by her older brother who checks her straight into rehab against her will. Facing demons from her past and present, Lexi must decide if she will fight to save herself.

Dawson gives the reader a real insight into what a rehab facility and recovery from drug addiction is like. Including therapy sessions, medication and a realistic relapse once Lexi leaves rehab for the first time. The author shows us exactly how Lexi’s attempt to re-enter the same social circle she used to inhabit offers her too much temptation to slip back into her old life and habits. The turning point for her is when she decides herself that she needs to change her lifestyle and goes back to rehab ready to embrace their methods and helping hands.

Older teenagers who enjoy novels that don’t shy away from the hard realities young people face today will love this book. The romance between Lexi and Brady does feel slightly unnecessary at times but does not take away from the overall message of the novel. We follow Lexi on a turbulent journey and the author successfully gives the reader a hopeful ending that does not come too easily or too soon for the characters. 

Book Cover - Clean
Publication Date
April 2018