Climate Action

Climate Action is a captivating and instructive picturebook; Georgina Stevens and Katie Rewse provide factual information on climate change through a mindscape of colour and illustration. Environmentalist and climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti provides a detailed foreword, noting the urgency of taking action against climate change. The book is divided into four carefully crafted sections: Causes, Effect, Our Part, and Inspiration.

In the opening sections, Stevens and Rewse provide in-depth information on the detrimental effects of climate change. While Stevens’ factual elements of this text are of vital importance, Rewse’s accompanying illustrations are immensely evocative. For example, the opening illustration for the ‘Causes’ section captures the juxtaposition of a vibrant globe and severe urbanisation. The ‘Effect’ image depicts the devastating impact of climate change; the globe is diminished under flames and injured animals.  The tone shifts in the latter sections, as Stevens and Rewse draw on the possibility of hope for the future. While noting humanity’s contribution to the climate crisis, the authors urge the reader to become a ‘changemaker’ through positive action. Stevens and Rewse pay homage to climate action ‘groundbreakers’ such as Greta Thunberg, Ayakha Melithafa, Zach Haynes, and Brianna Fruean.

In many ways, this book is a call to action. Climate Action is a delightful and educational read for young and old! As a bonus, the authors have pledged to plant one tree for every book sold in the UK through the TreeSisters charity. Stevens and Rewse have created a most beautiful picturebook that is inspirational whilst also capturing the serious nature of climate change. The book hinges on facts and hope; perhaps we can change the world one reader at a time.

Book Cover - Climate Action
Publication Date
March 2021