Clive Penguin

Clive is a penguin who does not like the cold and is on a mission to find warmth. Providing an excellent introduction to penguins and their behaviour, the story is quick, funny and can be read over and over, never losing its charm. It’s the kind of book a child will love, but with its deadpan humour and unexpected twists along the way, an adult will have just as much fun reading.

The minimal text is dynamic throughout, moving and changing with the pace and feeling of the story. Clive has plenty of attitude and personality and the limited text conveys that in such a clever way as he complains about the ‘bloomin’ cold’. Beneath the quirky and fun story, it also explores what it means to be unhappy where you are, wishing you were somewhere else, and finding out the answer to your problem might be something entirely different to what you expect. 

Between the graphic shapes and beautifully bold colour palette, the illustrations allow clarity and readability of narrative and emotion throughout, perfect for even the youngest of children to follow along with. However, the simplicity in design isn’t so simple older children will be bored. From the hilariously expressive characters, to the beautiful compositions, every page is a surprise and filled with fun, perfect to explore on a second, third or tenth reading!

Book Cover - Clive Penguin
Publication Date
September 2023